Monday, September 26, 2016

The Benefits of Cooking Classes for Kids!

The most obvious benefit of introducing children to cooking is that it is simply FUN!  Children love getting their hands messy, and creating their own edible masterpieces.  

Here are other less obvious benefits of bringing Cooking to Your School:

1)  Children that help in the kitchen are LESS FUSSY about the foods they eat and tend to try new things in their lives.

2)  Kids get to know where the food comes from and nutritional education.  They understand the differences between pre-packaged snacks and farm fresh foods. The result: children tend to MAINTAIN HEALTHIER EATING HABITS.

3)  A relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen provides a great chance for IMPROVED COMMUNICATION with children where you can discuss just about anything.

4)  Cooking IMPROVES READING & MATHEMATICAL ABILITIES.  Children need to read directions, gather information, measure ounces, teaspoons, cups etc...  For a challenge give the kids a recipe and ask them to double it!

5)  Cooking IMPROVES MOTOR SKILLS & TEACHES SAFETY.  Motor skills improve by slicing, dicing, rolling, scooping and measuring. Learning how to properly use the oven, microwave, potholders, mixers, knives, and other kitchen aids, keeps children safe in an usually unsafe environment.

6)  Cooking is a  LIFE SKILL that they can use forever!
7)  The best part is that any mom or teacher can offer a cooking program in your school, NO ADVANCED DEGREE NECESSARY.

So, get started and bring more enrichment opportunities to your school!  Using The SignUp Hub for Free Registration and Payments is the Simple Solution to run any class quickly!

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