Wednesday, August 24, 2016

After School Programming Linked to Higher Test Scores

Yep that's right! Numerous studies suggest that high-quality after-school programs enhance students’ academic success in school. After-school programs lead to better attitudes toward school and stronger school engagement; stronger school performance, as measured by standardized test scores and grades; higher rates of school attendance; fewer behavioral problems; and lower dropout rates (Afterschool Alliance, 2008).

So the question is "does your child's school offer After School Programming?  If so, are the programs designed for the interests and development of all students or do they simply serve the needs of the athletes and techies.

It is so simple and FUN to become creative and coordinate interesting and varying after school programs that include all types of Art, Science, Sports, Community Service, Games, Robotics, Hobbies, Animals and Travel?  You can even start a DO NOTHING CLUB where the kids simply spend quality time together after school playing games or old fashioned outdoor activities like Kick the Can.

Think about bringing some fun Enrichment Weeks to Your School perhaps a
A Week of Wizardry including ...Magic Classes, Chemistry Potions, Quid ditch, Poetry and Spell Writing.  
Travel to Asia including...Asian Art Project, EggRoll Cooking Class, Mommy & Me Yoga.
HobbyLand including... Stamp Collecting, Comic Book Art, Painting, Tennis.
The number of ideas are only limited to your imagination so have fun with it!

Oh, and by the way.  Everyone in the community benefits.  The kids get to hang out with their friends after school and learn about new and interesting things, parents get a couple extra free hours at a great price, community businesses get to promote their services, and teachers can earn a few extra dollars and connect with their students on a casual and fun basis.
Win! Win! Win!

Pssst...  and don't forget to use for online Registration and Payments!  It makes your job a snap.

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