Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Top 10 Harvest Festival Ideas For Your School!

We have harvested (no pun intended) the best Halloween and Fall Festival ideas from our customers and want to share them with you.

Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner, a perfect time to bring teachers and families together for some good old fashioned fun.  You can even run your Fall Festival Night as a fundraiser by simply charging families a fee to attend.

1)  Allow children to wear their costumes.  Kids love Halloween and being able to dress up.  Many school today prohibit the wearing of costumes during the day, but what about at night?  Hint:You may want to ban play weapons or scary masks just to be safe.

2)Turn a section of the gym into a Dance Floor. Hire a DJ, or better yet find a local Teacher or Parent willing to DJ.  Turn the lights off and get those strobe lights blinking.  Paid DJs bring games, activities and props for the kids and can really get the whole room rocking.

3) Face Painting and Air Brush Tattoos are popular.

4)  The cafeteria can offer simple desserts, apple cider or water, and donuts.  The food can be donated, and not fussy.  Just another fun stop for the kids during the night.

5)  On the other side of the cafeteria, have a few easy, and not too messy, Halloween or Fall Crafts that families can work on together.

6)  Turn a classroom in a Spooky Story Telling Room.  Your favorite teachers can dress up and take turns reading scary stories.  Decorating the room even makes it spookier!

7)  Pair this fun night with your annual Book Fair, set up in the Library.  While the kids are running around having fun, the parents can be perusing and purchasing books!  Now your school earns money two ways.

8)  Jack-O-Lantern Walking Path!  Have each student bring in one or more carved pumpkins. They can drop them off morning of the Festival.  After school, both volunteers and   students can line the walking trail or a path around the school.  Light candles at a designated time (7-8pm) and let families walk the trail.  It's simply magical!

9)  For a bit more effort, fun games around the gym are fan favorites.  Bean Bag Toss, Frisbee Throw, Fishing for Gold Fish, Golf Putting are just a few.  Many families have these games in their garages, and you can easily Spook-ify them.If you offer small prize giveaways at each game like tattoos, or fake teeth or candy, even better!

10)  Kids love to see their teachers outside the classroom  Encourage teachers to come dressed in costume with arm each with a basket full of giveaway prizes.  Then, each teacher can ask the children questions....Math Facts, Spelling, History or Science.. the kids get a prize for each correct answer.

And of course, let's not forget it is the season of Thanksgiving.  Adding a Canned Food Drive to the night is a great way to serve others.

Bonus:  Google interesting Halloween or Harvest Facts.  Then create  Fact/Answer Flip Up Sheets On Oak Tag and place randomly around .  Everyone loves learning!

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