Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fundraising Idea: Hoopapalooza!

Fundraising Idea:  Hoopapalooza!

Free -Throw Fundraising is a great way to earn fast, fun cash for your organization!

At any designated HOME basketball game, invite spectators to take their "Best Shot" during half time for a small donation of $5, $10 or $20 dollars.  You can split the proceeds with the winner like in a 50/50 raffle OR you can solicit a prize or monetary donation from a local business.  Either way, the winner of the Free-Throw Contest and your organization both WIN!!

If there are too many participants for half time…no problem!  Most schools have a secondary gym to run preliminary rounds during the first and second quarters. Best to showcase only the top 10 Free Throw Finalists during half time.

You can continue to raise money week after week with various games…3 Point Shots, Ladies Only, Adult Only, and Under 12 Free Throws! And remember the secret formula…
Bigger the Prize= More Sign Ups= Most $$$s (hint: get a local sponsor to dedicate prizes or cash each week.  Small Community Businesses love to promote themselves as well)!

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