Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fundraising Idea:  Flamingo Flocking

We'd  like to start sharing great ideas and success stories of our current customers!  Mendham HS Competitive Cheer Club is currently raising $$$s and having fun by engaging their town with a Flamingo Flocking!  What is flocking?  Well late at night a flock of flamingoes appears on your front lawn.  The family then  'DONATES' by leaving money in an envelope to have them removed and perhaps "DONATE MORE" to flock another friend or foe of their choice.  

How?  It's Easy... simply purchases pink flamingos (approximately 250 but the # is up to you).  There are many different ways to organize your 'flockers' or fundraiser in general.  Best to visit the website to find out more. (HINT:  Leave a sign on the lawn with the flamingoes with a note describing "Flocking' to your victim.  With this note, leave the envelope and a cellphone number of the Person in Charge.  They can text to have the flock removed and to send the address of the next victim).  Then parents & children migrate the flocks from house to house. Best to run this fundraiser every night to every other night for 3 weeks.  Mendham Cheerleaders flocked their fall sports stars each week with notes of encouragement throughout the season! What a FUN-draiser way to CHEER on their school! 

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