Sunday, June 26, 2016

End of Year Volunteer Appreciation Ideas 

The end of the school year is here and it is time to recognize all the people who have helped make this year successful for your school community.  You know how valuable your volunteers are, and you’d do just about anything to make sure they understand this, right?  What you need are some easy to organize and inexpensive ideas to make sure your volunteers feel the love.  Read on for creative ways to say, “Wow, you’re amazing!”

Low and No Cost Ideas

Thank You Emails  Personalize the email – include their name & reference the task they did and tell them how it contributed to the overall success of your organization (Great for 1-time & first time volunteers)  For special one-time volunteer events, take pictures, create a photo album on your FB, and include the link in the thank you email  

Use Social Media - Thanking Tuesday –  Take pictures of your volunteers while doing service  Highlight one of your volunteers each Tuesday and tell your social media audience how they are making a difference in your organization!  Tag that person if possible  Post group pictures on social media after 1-time events
Special Thank You Newsletter- Send out at end of year to ALL of your volunteers  Include a coupon to a local store or an invitation to a volunteer appreciation social
Volunteer of the Month -   Create a special bulletin board at your organization and feature the volunteer of the month  Highlight your volunteer of the month on your organization’s website, in monthly newsletters, on social media, etc.
Volunteer Survival Kit - Band-Aid: For all the aid you provide, Piece of Rope: For when you have reached the end of yours!  Rubber Band: To remind you to stay flexible, Crayon: To color your days cheerful and bright, LifeSaver: To remind you that you’re appreciated a “hole” lot, Mint: Because we’re thankful for your commit”mint” , KitKat: For when you need to take a break! Put this all in a small decorated bag.
Volunteer Appreciation Kit -  Puzzle Piece: Because without YOU, we wouldn’t be complete!, Paper Clip: Thanks for helping to hold us together!, Rubber Band: Thanks for being flexible!, Smarties: Because you are such a smartie! Thanks for the great ideas!,  Mint: Because we’re thankful for your commit”mint”, Tootsie Roll: Thanks for playing such an important “roll” in our organization!, LifeSaver: We appreciate YOU a “hole” lot,  Almond Joy: Thanks for all of the joy you bring to our organization! Put this all in a small decorated bag.

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