Monday, May 30, 2016

 The Good News Fairy

A Great FUN-draiser and Inspiration for Your Students!

Every parent wants to celebrate the accomplishments and important dates in their children lives.  A great idea is to have a Good News Fairy mysteriously show up in the middle of the night and leave a Celebratory Lawn Sign.  Some ideas for your School Signs might be:
  • Welcome to School...We Love You!  (New Student sand Kindergarteners)
  • Relax, We Know You Will Do Great on the Test (Before State Testing)
  • Congratulations Graduate (8th grade or High School)
  • I Am A Supporter of ABC PTO!
  • ABC School Wishes You a Happy Birthday!
  • I Can't Wait to Meet You (Teacher or School Buddy Program)

Choose to sell one type of sign or all of the signs and let parents pick.  Make sure they know whom the monies are benefiting and don't forget your school name or logo!  This fundraiser not only celebrates and excites the children, but connects your community.  Imagine how fun to drive around your town and see the accomplishments of your friends and neighbors!

 What You Should Know

Time Line: 4-6 weeks before Sign Delivery
 Volunteers Needed:1 Volunteer for Design/Ordering Sign,  Others for Distribution of Signs Only (#depending on qty)
Suggested Suppliers:,
Profit Potential: 100 Signs Sold =  $1500 Profit (assuming $5 cost per sign and a sale price of $20)

The SignUp HUB can Make Your Job Easier!

Download a SignUp Hub for only $5 where families can
Order, Pay and Volunteer to Deliver– All Online!
Each HUB also includes a timeline, sample flyer, forms & waivers (if needed)

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